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Bracket BIII-2A PNS / Vepr


Arm BIII-2a PNS/Vepr. Material - aluminum. For mounting devices PNS 2,5x50 on carbines "Vepr", "SKS", "KO-44", "KO-91.Specifications:     Landing size, bracket 14.5 mm     Base distance, 83.6 mm     Dimensions, 113x51x101 mm     Weight, 150 g..


Bracket VEPR/VOMZ TYPE B3-2V with strap


Bracket VOMZ (type V3-2v) with a strap is designed for installation of devices that have fastening to the "weaver" bar on the Vepr, SKS, KO-44, KO-91 carbines.Characteristics:Landing bracket size, mm: 14.5Landing size of the device, mm: on the bar "weaver"Base distance, mm: 83.6Dimensions, mm: 140x54.7x108.2Weight, g: 200..

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