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14.5mm prism MAK quick-release single base without tops


MAK single quick release base for 14.5mm prism without tops. Bracket MAK "Premium" class, for mounting devices on prismatic rails 14.5 mm wide or similar bases, already prepared (milled) for a carabiner. There is a special stopper, excluding the movement of the bracket on the carabiner.Peculiarities:Can be equipped with rings or other "tops" (for t..


Adapter from dovetail to Weaver-Picatinny rail GM-002


Fastening adapter from dovetail to Picatinny rail, mainly used for rifles and other types of carbine of the Warsaw Pact countries. The mount is made of durable aluminum alloy, which allows you to use it in any weather. In addition to the Picatinny rail, there are 2 dovetail mounts on the mount on the left and right sides.Main parameters and charact..


Adapter plate for IRAY RICO for NVECTECH mounts


Adapter plate for IRAY RICO on MAK and NVECTECH basesMaterial: aluminum alloyWarranty: 20 years..


Bar MAK weaver Steyr SBS Classic


Weaver rail on Steyr SBS Classic for subsequent installation of optical devices.Peculiarities:Each installation provides full preservation of all zeroing settings, as well as resistance to recoil of all calibersMade from high quality materialsQuick and easy installation and operationThe profile of the bottom surface of the base repeats the profile ..


Bar transitional to IZH-27; TOZ-34/VOMZ


Transitional bar "weaver" for mounting devices on the IZH-27 and TOZ-34 smoothbore guns.Mounting seat Guide 7 mmDovetail Accessory Attachment SizeSuitable for IZH-27, TOZ-34 carbineMaterial SteelCarabiner fixation RegularDimensions 200x21x15 mmWeight 135 g..


Base on WEAVER for mounting on smoothbore guns (width 8-9mm) 008091-1


Base on Weaver for installation on shotguns (width 8-9mm) 008091-1Combat manufacturerType of fastening level Weaver, PicatinnyCountry of origin China..


BLASER R93 quick release bracket without rings (5092-00193)


MAK Blaser R93 quick release bracket without rings 5092-00193. For mounting Pulsar, Dedal night vision devices to the Blaser carabiner using the appropriate MAK adapters.The Blaser R93 Ringless Quick Detach Bracket is a universal base designed to mount a variety of tops such as rings, Picatinny rails, etc. It is also possible direct installation on..


Bolt handle for AR system CH01


NVECTECH bolt cocking handle, for carbine based on AR-15, for one finger (double)CharacteristicsMaterial: Aluminum alloyBlack colorCarabiner Type: Fits most AR-15 based riflesManufacturer: NVECTECHName: cocking handle..


Bracket BIII-2A PNS / Vepr


Arm BIII-2a PNS/Vepr. Material - aluminum. For mounting devices PNS 2,5x50 on carbines "Vepr", "SKS", "KO-44", "KO-91.Specifications:     Landing size, bracket 14.5 mm     Base distance, 83.6 mm     Dimensions, 113x51x101 mm     Weight, 150 g..


Bracket HARTMAN NOKEVNIK-1 (for mounting tactical optics ON AK, SAIGA, VEPR, light machine gun)


The Hartman Nomad-1 bracket is installed instead of the rear sight on the AK and another made on a similar base (Saiga, Vepr, etc.). The created base is ideal for mounting light devices, including collimator and holographic devices. The bracket is suitable for AK, Saiga, VPO from 74 years of release.The brackets of the Nomad series are designed by ..


Bracket type V3-2d ("Tiger" / Weaver)


Side bracket TIGR/VOMZ type V3-2d with Weaver rail is a widely used accessory. It adds a Weaver or Picatinny type upper carbine base to any modification of the Tiger self-loading carbines. The bracket is installed on the regular side mount under the PSO-1 "dovetail". In the upper part, an additional carabiner base is obtained with a landing size of..


Bracket universal type VIIA ON 30mm


Universal bracket (type VIIa) 30 mm. Clamping with two screws (external and internal). Top location ("Dovetail") 7-16 mm. For installation of devices on "TOZ-78", "TOZ-99", "Bars", "Elk", "Sable", "Snipe", "IZH-18MN", "IZH-94"-Taiga (guide width 12 mm ), with a transition bar - on "IZH-27", "TOZ-34.CharacteristicsVOMZ brandModel Universal bracket (..


Bracket VEPR/VOMZ TYPE B3-2V with strap


Bracket VOMZ (type V3-2v) with a strap is designed for installation of devices that have fastening to the "weaver" bar on the Vepr, SKS, KO-44, KO-91 carbines.Characteristics:Landing bracket size, mm: 14.5Landing size of the device, mm: on the bar "weaver"Base distance, mm: 83.6Dimensions, mm: 140x54.7x108.2Weight, g: 200..


Bracket Weaver IZH-27, TOZ-34 mini


Bracket Weaver IZH-27, TOZ-34 mini. Designed for fastening small collimator devices and other devices with Weaver mount to the ventilated bar of hunting rifles IZH-27, TOZ-34. The width of the ventilated strap is up to 8mm. Weaver base length - 55mm...


Bracket МЦ 20-01 rings 30 mm


Bracket MTs20-01 with strap (MTs 20-01, TOZ-106, MTs 20-07) 30 mm is designed for mounting optical devices on the gun MTs 20-01, TOZ-109, TOZ-106 and others.Peculiarities:    - It is also possible to install on the bracket MTs 20-01 and collimator devices of a closed type, structurally made as an optical device, and having a landing ..

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