Bracket МЦ 20-01 rings 30 mm

Bracket МЦ 20-01 rings 30 mm

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Item specifics

  • Diameter 30 mm
  • Dimensions 38x70x100 mm
  • Material steel
  • Weight 278 grams

Product Description

Bracket MTs20-01 with strap (MTs 20-01, TOZ-106, MTs 20-07) 30 mm is designed for mounting optical devices on the gun MTs 20-01, TOZ-109, TOZ-106 and others.
    - It is also possible to install on the bracket MTs 20-01 and collimator devices of a closed type, structurally made as an optical device, and having a landing diameter of 30 mm
   - If necessary, the device with a bracket can be quickly removed or mounted on a carabiner. Only the fixed bar from the bracket kit remains on the carabiner.
   - The undoubted advantage of the bracket is that you can simultaneously use an optical device and an open device of the carabiner
    Coverage diameter under the device: 30 mm
    Installation height: 42mm
    Bracket weight: 278 grams
    Bracket dimensions: 38x70x100 mm
    Material: steel

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Bracket МЦ 20-01 rings 30 mm

Bracket МЦ 20-01 rings 30 mm