Thermal imaging binoculars Hikvision HikMicro 35VI/W

Thermal imaging binoculars Hikvision HikMicro 35VI/W

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Item specifics

  • Battery Type External four batteries type 18650
  • Core VOx, 17mĸm
  • Dimensions 164х182х73 mm
  • Diopter setting -5/+3
  • Display ОLЕD 1024×768
  • Focus area from 10 m
  • Frequency 50 Hz.
  • Full charge time 5 hours
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Human detection range 3000 m
  • Image palettes Black hot, white hot, red hot
  • Increase 1x optical, 2x / 4x digital
  • IP rating IP67
  • Lens 50 mm / F1.0
  • Line of sight 12.42° × 9,95°
  • Matrix Resolution 640x512
  • microSD card support No, built-in 32 GB
  • Offline work up to 7 hours
  • Rangefinder Stadiometric rangefinder
  • Temperature regime -30°C…+55°
  • Video output Built-in video recording
  • Weight 997 gram
  • WiFi Yes, smartphone sync

Product Description

Thermal imaging binoculars Hikvision (NVECTech) 35VI/W. The image is displayed through two channels, thus you will see all the details of the world. The Hikvision DS-2TS16-35VI/W dual-spectrum binoculars are suitable for hunting and other civilian purposes even in difficult conditions, such as during rain, snow or heavy smoke.


  • Thermal sensor: 640 × 512@25fps, optical image sensor: 1280 × 960@25fps
  • DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement) technology
  • 3D DNR, adaptive AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • Ultra-Low Light (Optical Channel) B/W: 0.001 lux @ (F1.0 , AGC on )
  • 0.39 inch OLED display • Automatic OLED backlight
  • Manual focus for thermal lens
  • Bispectral image alignment and object extraction (detail extraction and target recognition)
  • Video recording, replay, snapshot and search (with the ability to view device operations)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS, cursor display
  • Up to 7 hours of continuous work
  • IP67


Detection range 2000 m!
Thermal imaging sensor Uncooled microbolometer VOx sensor
Max. resolution 640 × 512@25 fps
Pixel pitch 17µm
Spectral range 8 ~ 14um
Temperature sensitivity < 40µ (@25°C,F#=1.0)
Thermal imager lens 35mm
Aiming field of view 17.7° × 14.2°
Spatial resolution 0.486
Digital zoom 4×
Aperture 1.0
Optical mode
Matrix 1/3 Progressive Scan CMOS
Min. illumination B/W : 0.001 lux @ (F1.0 , AGC on )
Max. resolution 1280×960@25fps
Lens (focal length) 12mm, manual focus
Image Enhancement 3D DNR, Adaptive AGC
Resolution 0.39 inch, OLED, 1024×768
Power Thermal mode, B/W optical mode, combined mode can be selected
Image registration Color registration, B/W registration
Color palette Black hot, white hot
Heat Source Tracking Yes
Object selection Yes
Cursor display Cursor is displayed when the approximate distance to the target is measured.
Auto backlight OLED backlight turns off automatically when no human eye is detected
Memory Built-in memory (32 GB)
Video recording Built-in video recording
Snapshot Built-in image capture
Video repeat Yes
Image Search Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Energy supply
Battery type Four 18650 batteries, it takes 5 hours to fully charge
Battery working time ≥7h
Battery Life Display Yes
Are common
Power supply 5V DC/2A
Operating Temperature -30°C - 55°C (-22°F - 131°F)
Protection level IP67
Installation UNC 1/4”-20
Cable output Aviation connector: BNC, DB9 and USB connection
Accessories (included) Charger, charger cable, cleaning cloth, two wrist straps, user manual, aviation connector cable, eight batteries
Dimensions (L x W x H) 164mm × 182.3mm × 73.3mm
Weight <1.0kg (2.20 lbs)

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Thermal imaging binoculars Hikvision HikMicro 35VI/W

Thermal imaging binoculars Hikvision HikMicro 35VI/W