Thermal imager HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 (HM-TS23-25QG/WV-GH25)

Thermal imager HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 (HM-TS23-25QG/WV-GH25)

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Item specifics

  • Battery Type Built-in Li-ion aĸĸymulator
  • Core VOx, 12mm,
  • Dimensions 168х87х73 mm
  • Diopter setting -5/+3
  • Display ОLЕD 1024×768
  • External power supply 5V/ 2A (power bank)
  • Focus area from 10 m
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Human detection range 1250 m
  • Image palettes Black hot, white hot, red hot
  • Increase 2.2x optical, 2x / 4x digital
  • IP rating IP67
  • Lens 25 mm / F1.0
  • Line of sight 12.66° × 10°
  • Matrix Resolution 384x288
  • microSD card support No, built-in 16 GB
  • Offline work up to 5 hours
  • Rangefinder Stadiometric rangefinder
  • Temperature regime -30°C…+55°
  • Video output Built-in video recording
  • Weight 510 grams
  • WiFi Yes, smartphone sync

Product Description

Thermal imager HikMicro GRYPHON GH25
The HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 thermal imaging monocular is a portable device for observing and shooting in the visible and infrared ranges. These are the products of the world leader in the field of video surveillance and thermal imaging equipment - the HIKVISION brand. This manufacturer produces relatively inexpensive devices that are in no way inferior to premium models from other brands in terms of quality and functionality. You can buy HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 at a reasonable price on the website of our online store.

HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 monocular features
The thermal sensitivity of the device is 35 µm. A high-precision thermal sensor captures small temperature differences even in harsh weather conditions, and IR ensures that the high-resolution optical sensor captures detailed images day and night. Small bushes, branches and grass also do not interfere with observation.

The weight of the HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 thermal imager is only 510 grams, the dimensions are quite miniature - 168x87x73 mm. The monocular can easily be put into a pocket or a small bag. The detection range of a heat-contrast object is up to 1250 meters.

Features HikMicro GRYPHON GH25
The ergonomic device can be comfortably operated with one hand. It is equipped with three buttons and a handy wheel for zooming and menu navigation. It is also worth mentioning the presence of a stadiametric rangefinder, which allows you to calculate the distance of the target at the software level.

The device has a built-in Wi-Fi module, a recorder function and many other useful features for which users prefer to buy HikMicro GRYPHON GH25. Let's look at them in more detail below.

Thermal Imaging Module
The thermal imager unit is built on the basis of vanadium oxide matrices with a resolution of 384x288. This option is more functional than silicon counterparts, due to the fact that it is more sensitive to the slightest temperature changes. The frame rate is 50 Hz. Thanks to this, it is possible to freely observe even fast-moving targets, the picture does not “jump”. The conductor operates in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) region of the spectrum, so the ground is absolutely transparent and does not interfere with the signal.

The HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 is equipped with a wide-angle germanium lens with a diameter of 25mm. It is germanium that is invisible to transmitted signals. Also, the device is equipped with a 2.2x optical zoom and eightx digital. The latter can be adjusted smoothly or discretely (step - x2, x4, x8). The fairly diminutive monocular has an impressive viewing angle of 12.66×10 degrees.

Overview Color Modes
The HikMicro Griffin GH25 monocular provides the user with four color schemes:

hot black;
hot white;
hot red;
White and black are designed to work in difficult weather conditions. Also, these modes allow you to observe the object in wide, open areas. Red and color are more suitable for tracking targets at short and medium distances. Color is also excellent for long-term observation.

Image enhancement options
Difficult weather conditions, darkness and other factors affect the image quality in a bad way. Therefore, the manufacturer has introduced its own innovative developments into the product.

The following image optimization functions are available to the user:

DDE technology - digitally details the smallest elements so that the observer does not miss a single detail;
3D DNR technology - digital noise reduction, provides a clear image, no graininess;
AGC technology - automatic signal strength control, removes vagueness, phantom effects.
As a result, the user sees a clear, contrasting, detailed picture.

The HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 thermal imager is equipped with a widescreen, full-color OLED display with a resolution of 1024x768. This type of screen is characterized by excellent picture quality and low power consumption. The devices are adapted to work at low temperatures and function perfectly in frost (up to -30 degrees Celsius). For visually impaired users, a diopter setting of -5 to +3 is available.

The surveillance device is equipped with a video recording function and a photo capture function. Thanks to these options, you can always capture the most interesting moments of observation. The internal memory is 16 GB, which is enough for 14,000 photos / 8 hours of continuous video.

App and WiFi
The built-in Wi-Fi module allows the monocular to connect to the Internet and share content with other Android and iOS devices. To do this, you need to download the special T-Vision application from Google Play or the AppStore and install it on your smartphone or other device. After that, the tablet or mobile phone can act as a remote control or become the second screen of the monocular.

Chassis and Power
HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 is equipped with a reliable case made of high-strength plastic, which will protect the device from possible mechanical damage. According to the system of international standards, the class of protection against moisture and dust is IP67, which allows you to use the device in heavy rain or heavy snow.

The monocular is equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. It is possible to connect Power Bank as an additional power source.

Where to buy HikMicro GRYPHON GH25?
Looking for where to buy HikMicro GRYPHON GH25, the price of which will be the most favorable - visit our online store. We are the official representative of the brand and offer the most affordable price for original products. Here you can purchase the desired model of the HikMicro thermal imager with shipment throughout Ukraine. To order, fill out a special form on the site. If you have any questions - call us or request a feedback.


    • Matrix resolution, pixels 384x288
    • Detection range by height figure, m 520
    • Maximum measurement distance, m 600
    • Optical magnification, multiple 2.39
    • Detection distance by height figure, m 1200 - 1800 m
    • Matrix frequency, Hz 50
    • Availability of wi-fi Yes
    • Photo/video recording To internal memory
    • External power supply connection Yes
    • Weight, g 510
    • Operating temperature range, °C -20/+55
    • Field of view, deg. 10.53x7.9
    • Diopter adjustment range, diopter -5/+3
    • Manufacturer Hikmicro
    • Height, mm 61
    • Width, mm 57
    • Length, mm 158.3
    • Spectral sensitivity range, μm 8-14
    • Sensitivity, mK <35
    • Matrix pixel size, µm 12
    • Calibration principle Shutter
    • Digital zoom, x 1/2/4/8
    • Battery type 18650
    • Number of batteries 1
    • Supply voltage, V 5
    • Display type OLED
    • Display resolution, pixels 1024x768
    • Presence of color palettes Yes
    • Operating time from a set of batteries, h 8
    • Hardware pixel correction Yes
    • Waterproof Yes
    • Lens/Aperture 25mm F/1.0

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    Thermal imager HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 (HM-TS23-25QG/WV-GH25)

    Thermal imager HikMicro GRYPHON GH25 (HM-TS23-25QG/WV-GH25)

    $2,395.01 $2,634.51