Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX L15 (HM-TS03-15XF/W-L15)

Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX L15 (HM-TS03-15XF/W-L15)

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Item specifics

  • Battery Type Built-in Li-ion aĸĸymulator
  • Core VOx, 17mm,
  • Dimensions 161х61х57 mm
  • Diopter setting -5/+3
  • Display LСОЅ 720x540
  • External power supply DC 5V/ 2A (power bank)
  • Focus area from 4 m
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Human detection range 1200 m
  • Image palettes Black hot, white hot, red hot
  • Increase 1.2x optical, 2x / 4x / 8x digital
  • IP rating IP67
  • Lens 15 mm / F1.0
  • Line of sight 24.6°×18.5°
  • Matrix Resolution 384×288
  • microSD card support No, built-in 8 GB
  • Rangefinder Stadiometric rangefinder
  • Temperature regime -30°C…+55°
  • Video output Built-in video recording
  • Weight 460 grams
  • WiFi Yes, smartphone sync

Product Description

HikMicro LYNX L15 thermal imager - an effective solution for night surveillance

The HikMicro LYNX L15 thermal imager is an easy-to-use, compact 8x magnification monocular. Model L15 is the youngest of the LYNX series. It is able to detect a heat-contrast growth object at a distance of up to 1200 meters. This device can solve a range of targets not only for hunting at night, but also become an assistant in observing wildlife even in the most adverse conditions.

The monocular is produced by the world's largest manufacturer of video surveillance products - Hikvision. A distinctive feature of this brand is the perfect combination of democratic, competitive cost and impeccable quality of equipment. Brand products successfully compete with premium products, not inferior to them in terms of functionality and reliability. You can buy HikMicro LYNX L15 at the best price on our website.

LYNX L15 features

The dimensions of the monocular are 161x61x57, the weight of the thermal imager is 270 grams. As you can see, this model is very compact, so you can easily carry it in your pocket, a small bag. The viewing angle of the L15 is 24.6x18.5 degrees, which is considered the highest in the entire series. The device has a Wi-Fi module and a recorder. Thanks to this, it is possible to record interesting videos and transfer them to Android and iOS devices.

The manufacturer has implemented in this model all the leading technological developments in the field of image processing. Therefore, the user can choose not only the settings for the operation of the thermal imager, but also the image quality, as well as many other options.

HikMicro LYNX L15 Specifications

The device perfectly sees through weather obstacles, small obstacles in the form of reeds, bushes or grass, does not need IR illumination. It can function equally well both at night and during the day, even in bright sunshine.

Below we will consider for what main characteristics users prefer to buy a HikMicro LYNX L15 thermal imager.

Thermal Imaging Unit

This device module is based on vanadium oxide ceramic matrices. Compared to amorphous silicon analogs, such blocks are distinguished by a higher quality picture and sensitivity to temperatures. Even in the absence of visibility, the device reacts to the slightest temperature changes. In addition, users will be able to see not only the object, but also leaves, bushes, blades of grass and other “background”.


The Hikmicro device is equipped with a wide-angle germanium lens with 8x magnification. The latter can be changed smoothly or step by step (step: 2, 4, 8). Thanks to wide-angle optics, it is possible to determine objects in vast open areas.

Color Palettes

The monocular is equipped with four display palettes:

  • Fusion (color);
  • White Hot (White);
  • Red Hot (Red);
  • Black Hot (Black).

Shades of black and white are required for finding and excellent selection of objects in poor atmospheric conditions. Red and color are needed to track objects at a short distance.

Improving Image Quality

As mentioned above, the manufacturer has implemented its best developments in optimizing picture quality. This:

  • 3D DNR – reduces noise;
  • AGC – enhances contrast and detail;
  • DDE – draws the smallest elements.

Thus, even a low-quality image will be converted into a clear one, with nuances and details detailed.


The line of thermal imagers is equipped with a full-color LCOS display (resolution 720x540). Thanks to this equipment, the owner of the device will be able to comfortably observe everything that has fallen into the focus of technology.

The characteristics of the display are as follows:

  • frame change - 50Hz, which does not harm the eyesight;
  • five levels of brightness of the glow;
  • diopter adjustment possible (for people with low vision);
  • low power consumption.

Thanks to high technologies, the picture will remain of high quality even when exposed to high and low temperatures (from +55 to -25).

WiFi and photo/video recorder

These options greatly expand the functionality of the model. They prefer to buy HikMicro LYNX L15 in order to be able not only to observe, but also to capture interesting moments. The amount of internal memory is 8GB. That's more than enough to save hours of video and thousands of great photos. In addition, the internal software allows the device to work as an "access point".


By installing the T-Vision mobile application, it is possible to integrate the thermal imager with various Android and iOS devices. The program can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Also, the device is equipped with a reliable, lightweight case made of heavy-duty plastic, which will protect the device from mechanical damage, moisture, drops, etc. The volume of the Li-ion battery is enough for 10 hours of continuous operation. Power bank connection is also available.


In our online store, the price of HikMicro LYNX L15 is more than affordable and reasonable, since OPTICS-PRO works directly with manufacturers. We offer only original, licensed products from trusted brands. If you find it difficult to choose, our experienced staff will help you choose the best option. Contact us for quality and affordable products, choosing only the best!

Field testing of the thermal imager

Distance 30 meters, humidity 88%, temperature +5

Distance 70 meters, humidity 88%, temperature +5

Distance 100 meters, humidity 88%, temperature +5

Distance 250-315 meters, humidity 88%, temperature +5

Distance 450-500 meters, humidity 88%, temperature +5

Contents of delivery

  1. Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX L15
  2. Charging cable
  3. Case
  4. Instruction
  5. Microfiber lens cleaner
  6. Warranty card

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Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX L15 (HM-TS03-15XF/W-L15)

Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX L15 (HM-TS03-15XF/W-L15)