Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10)

Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10)

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Item specifics

  • Battery Type Built-in Li-ion aĸĸymulator
  • Core VOx, 12mm,
  • Dimensions 161х61х57 mm
  • Diopter setting -5/+3
  • Display LСОЅ 1280×960
  • External power supply DC 5V/ 2A (power bank)
  • Focus area from 4 m
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • Human detection range 900 m
  • Image palettes Black hot, white hot, red hot
  • Increase 1.1x optical, 2x / 4x / 8x digital
  • IP rating IP67
  • Lens 10 mm / F1.0
  • Line of sight 22.7°×16.7°
  • Matrix Resolution 256x192
  • microSD card support No, built-in 8 GB
  • Rangefinder Stadiometric rangefinder
  • Temperature regime -30°C…+55°
  • Video output Built-in video recording
  • Weight 460 grams
  • WiFi Yes, smartphone sync

Product Description

Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10)

HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10) is a budget representative of the new but already popular line of HikMicro LYNX Pro thermal imaging monoculars, released by famous Chinese developers Hikvision. In recent years, the Hikvision brand has confidently emerged as a leader - this brand exports its products, including video surveillance systems, to more than 150 countries. The thermal imager of the HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 sample, which you can buy from us, at Optics Pro, has become another confirmation of the TM Hikvision principle, which consists in the optimal combination of branded quality and affordable cost.

Manufacturers give a 2-year warranty on this device - they are confident that such advanced technology will delight users with a long service life.

General features and application specifics

Portable, almost pocket-sized, the LYNX Pro LE10 thermal imaging device features a miniaturized 10mm lens and a highly efficient, upgraded 12µm VOx sensor.

This device will become an indispensable assistant for hunting fans, fans of watching wild animals and users whose professions involve searching for people and controlling the number of populations of fauna representatives, and monitoring the safety of the territory (for example, rescuers, rangers and security officers).

This device, the functionality of which provides for setting the color palette of the image in four versions, ensures the clarity and accuracy of the picture. It allows you to monitor objects in the conditions of night darkness and adverse weather - you can track animals, birds and find lost people during heavy rain, heavy snow and impenetrable dense fog.

An obstacle to detecting an object using this technique will not be tree branches, thickets of shrubs and vegetation of water bodies, for example, reeds or sedges.

When it detects an object that emits heat, the device marks it on the display with a grid.

The equipment of the model includes an integrated memory of 8 GB - storage for captured photos and videos.

The functionality of the HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 viewfinder supports Wi-Fi wireless communication - this opens up the possibility of transferring data to a mobile gadget. A smartphone or tablet compatible with the thermal imager will allow you to adjust the image settings and save the footage. The device is able to determine the target removal distance and is easy to operate - it can be used even in seals.


Such equipment is produced and delivered in neat packaging. The product package includes the following components:

  • the actual thermal imager;
  • lens cap;
  • a cable with a standard USB connector that allows you to charge the device and transfer data;
  • transport case-bag;
  • textile cloth for cleaning the lens;
  • user guide;
  • detailed instructions for using the device;
  • warranty card.

Options that improve shooting quality

This modification of the thermal imager supports several advanced technologies that have become innovative authorings of Hikvision designers. Each of these functions has its own algorithms of work aimed at optimizing the image.

Owners of a copy of LYNX Pro LE10 can activate the following options:

  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction –as a result of the installation of 3D DNR, the noise level of the video broadcast will decrease, and the previous frames will immediately be displayed in an updated, improved version;
  • Digital Detail Enhancement – cas a result of the installation of 3D DNR, the noise level of the video broadcast will decrease, and the previous frames will immediately be displayed in an updated, improved version;
  • Auto Gain Control – the function of automatic stabilization of a picture that transmits an object in motion (AGC eliminates phantom effects, turbidity and blurring during rendering).

Thermal Imaging Module

Representatives of the HikMicro LYNX Pro line received a common module, which is based on uncooled microbolometers created by HikVision developers.

The matrix of this model is distinguished by the resolution of 256x192 pixels. The 12 µm core is based on a VOx ceramic vanadium oxide thermal sensor. The corresponding type of single crystal is more reliable than standard silicon thermal sensors - it stabilizes the image better and has less resistance to temperature.

The indicator of the temperature sensitivity limit of the instrument matrix is

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Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10)

Thermal imager HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 (HM-TS02-10XG/W-LE10)